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Privacy Protection Policy

rootree shopping mall is thinking about Value the privacy.

Privacy Protection Policy

Rootree complies with all the privacy protection policy as the information and communication service provider such as Communications Privacy Act, Telecommunications Business Act, and the law regarding the promotion of information and communication network use and protection of information and has set the Privacy Protection Policy regarding the related regulation to protect the rights of the users. 

1. The items and method of collection of personal information.

Rootree is collecting the personal information as the following when the user register registers as the member to provide smooth order, service receipt, product delivery, and payment in case the user orders a service or product of Rootree and to provide convenient and useful information. 

2. Objective of use and collection of personal information

Rootree receives the essential personal information for the provision of service when registering as member. The items collected are name, gender, birthday, zip code, and others. Other than the above, Rootree requests for additional information for specific service provision: mobile number for real name verification and additional information required for other service provision. Also Rootree may request for personal information for statistical analysis or delivery of gifts in case of interview or event. The personal information is used within the scope of the use mentioned to the member.

3. Possession and disposal of personal information

The personal information of users of Rootree shall be maintain and used for the period during the period user as a member of Rootree receives the service provided by Rootree. However, in case the member has requested to delete the ID or withdraw the registration according to the procedure mentioned in ’07. Opening, amendment, and disposal of own personal information’ or the objective of the personal information provision is achieved, the acquired personal information is deleted permanently from the hard disk in a method that is irreversible and it is processed so that it cannot be opened or used in any purpose.

4. Provision of the personal information to a third party

As a rule, the personal information is not disclosed to any third party. However, with the prior consent of the member, it is an exception in case the personal information is considered to be revealed for any lawful act of the personnel who has damaged to a third party using the service of the Rootree or violated the Rootree Terms and Conditions. For a better service provision, Rootree may share the personal information with the business partner. In this case, Rootree provides information of the business partner, why the information is needed, and until when the information is protected and administered and gets prior consent to the member. Without the consent, the additional information shall not be collected and the information shall not be provided to the business partner. In case of announcing or sending advertisement to specific category of users (ex. Female of 20s), the personal information is not provided to the third party in charge of the advertisement. In case needed for statistical analysis, academic research, or market research, the information is provided in the form that disables the identification of the individual.

5. Use and application of cookie

Rootree uses ‘cookie’ that stores and calls back regularly the member information to provide personalized and customized service to each of the users. The cookie is a small data package that the server for website operation sends to the users’ browser and it is stored on the hard disk of the users. The user shall accept the cookie to use the personalized or customized service when the user log-in after connecting to Rootree. Rootree uses cookie to find the information of the user ID to provide suitable and useful information to the users. By providing distinct cookie for each of the user browsers, it can be used to analyze the user amount such as the frequency of use or total number of members and non-members. The cookie is also used for verification or support of product purchase and verification of the participation record of events and interviews. By analyzing the use and visit of the member to Rootree, a more convenient and useful service can be provided. Users have the right to choose the cookie. The user can allow the cookies; verify cookies every time it is stored; or deny the storage of all cookies by selecting an option on the browser. However, in case the user denies the storage of the cookies, all the services of Rootree requiring sign in will be unavailable.

6. Technical and systematic administration for personal information protection

The personal information is protected with password. The password each account is only opened for the individual of the account and the verification and amendment of the personal information is only possible by the individual. Therefore the user shall not reveal the password to a third party. Also Rootree recommends logging out and closing the web browser after use. Especially when the using shared PC or public PC this process is more required to prevent the personal information leakage to a third party. Rootree uses Vaccine program to prevent the damage by computer virus. The program is updated regularly and when a virus appears the vaccine is provided as soon as it is released to prevent the damage of the personal information. To prevent the leakage of personal information by hacking, the device to block the trespassing from the outside or hacking is used and the trespassing detection system is installed in each server to monitor the trespassing 24 hours. The system and data is backed up to prevent the personal information damage in certain situation. Rootree minimizes the number of the staff in charge of the personal information handling and emphasize the compliance of the regulation with the training to the staff in charge. Inspection is done by the inspection committee to evaluate the compliance of the staff in charge and when problems are found it is amended right away.

7. Opening, amendment, and disposal of own personal information

The registered member can open or amend personal information any time and request for disposal of the ID. Any personnel having opinion or complaints regarding the personal information, send an email to the staff in charge of personal information ( and your email will be submitted and the results will be informed.

8. Personal information protection of children

The children below 14 years of age shall not send own personal information to other parties and shall obtain the prior consent of the parents before sending. The responsibility to secure the password of the account belongs to the member. Rootree never asks for the password of the member through mail or other methods so the member shall not tell password in any cases. Take special attention so that the personal information is not leaked to the people around when logged in.

Personal Information Administration Person in Charge

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The privacy policy of above is applied from February 13th, 2015.